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by Dixie Vogel on June 21, 2011

Daily Tarot Forecast A Fool's Journey Dixie VogelMost of my writing now is over at A Fool’s JourneyDaily Tarot Forecasts, Gemstone Guides, Astrology, Metaphysical Musings and all things woo-woo. While I may update this site now and then with whatever doesn’t fit there, if you really want to keep up with me, that’s the place to be. Or just subscribe to A Fool’s Journey RSS feed.

C’mon over! Love to see you.


Conversations with Captian Virgo Series: Man Cave

by Dixie Vogel on February 1, 2011

“Do you feel like you’re missing out, by not having a man cave?” I ask him.

He pauses, looking upward and making those faces he makes as he thinks.

“No…no. I’m not missing out. I go to ‘my throne’ room. That works. But I keep the real man cave in my head.”


Bit of Summer

December 12, 2010

Patio Garden

Just a hint of summer, in loving memory.

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Metaphysics of Money

November 30, 2010


Of all the discomfort surrounding money in our society, it’s especially pronounced among Metaphysically-inclined folks. Money has a rightful place in our spiritual lives beyond just what we apologize for charging while we help others.

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Mission: Happiness, Route: Muck

November 19, 2010

Seriously. Isn't it always?

How you wound up here matters less than where you go from here.

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Conversations with the Kidlet Series….Sock Monkey Gets Lucky

November 16, 2010

Sock Monkey Love

Even sock monkeys deserve a little action sometimes.

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Conversations with Mom Series…Lose Some Weight

November 1, 2010

bailey grandma

Dad thinks mom should lose weight. It’s better than the alternative.

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Dixie on Abstract Illusions Radio Thursday 10/28/10

October 26, 2010


Internet radio appearance for Dixie.

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